• preliminary study of cortisol and attitudes toward infidelity

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    preliminary study of cortisol and attitudes toward infidelity

    infidelity is considered as a trauma in the relationship between couples and is very important in the life of married couples and families due to the subsequent effects on the psychological and even physical health of family members, especially of the betrayed person. attitudes toward infidelity serve as a predictor of how people will react when faced with infidelity, which do it by assessing their attitudes toward infidelity on a self-report scale. cortisol as a hormonal product of the reactivity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal cortex (hpa) system when the body is under psychological stress. it is one of the factors affecting mood and physical health in the long run. this study is performed to study the attitude of couples to infidelity and their cortisol levels. and examines the literature from similar research with variables close to these two variables and integrates and reports the results.

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