• numerical modeling of oil slicks transport using finite volume method with wet-dry fronts

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    hydro-environmental transport of oil spills has been simulated by finite volume method. eulerian approach is applied across the model, based on non-linear shallow water reynolds-averaged navier-stokes (rans) equations, and effects of coriolis force, viscous terms, surface wind stresses and bed friction stresses are included. the standard k–ε model gives a turbulence model for the mean flow structure. wet-dry fronts are treated whitin the numerical model. the new model deploys many significant processes: advection, surface spreading, evaporation, dissolution, and emulsification. in this work, a highly-accurate algorithm based on a 4th degree accurate shape function has been used for the hydrodynamic model, which is not present in similar models. the fate and transport of oil spilled in water is dominated by complex physicochemical processes that depend on oil properties, hydrodynamic and environmental conditions. the evaporation process, together with dissolution and the mousse formation, leads to an increase in the volume and density.

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