• numerical modeling of scouring around the trio of cylindrical piles under the sea currents

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     accurate solutions to current and prediction local scour  around pier  requires details understanding  of current pattern around peirs.  the governing equations of the current can solve with perfect vision of current, this current field become fully modeled.  the exact  method for estimation local scour around these structures can obtain with  associted  sediment transport  equtations, and relying on dramatical advances of (cfd). in this research development of the scour process around piles  group with different layout  satudy by using of fluent numerical model that solve navier_stokes three_dimensional equations for current in assocation with turbulence model k_  finite velume method was used for discreteness this equations and fluid velume model was used for modeling of free level. change in bed was obtained for  solving contituity equation cells near the bed. scour around piles group can be modeled by  taking  transported  current  condition and  solving stimultaneously  current  and  deposition  calculation.

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