• application of aeroelasticity in civil engineering

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     the tacoma bridge disaster, in the 40s, has opened a new interesting chapter in civil engineering. besides, development of science caused to use other sciences in civil engineering. certain types of civil engineering structures can be subjected to aero-dynamic forces generated by structural motions. these motions, called self-excited, are in turn affected by the aerodynamic forces they generate. behavior associated with self-excited motions is called aeroelastic. aeroelastically is divided in tow group: static aeroelasticity and dynamic aeroelasticity. tall chimneys, buildings structures, cable bridges, communication masts, electricity transmission lines, lighting columns and marine structures may also respond aeroelastically and need to be designed accordingly. in this research we tried to discuss whether the seismic design is sufficient for aeroelastic forces. finally tried to explain aeroelasticity application’s in civil engineering.

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