• application of cfd for simulation of a baffled tubular membrane

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     computational fluid dynamics (cfd) investigation of a tubular membrane channel containing a set of baffles was conducted for predicting turbulent flow. simulation was performed using an array of baffles oriented either in the flow or in the reverse direction. a range of local parameters such as stream function, velocity, static pressure, wall shear stress, turbulent kinetic energy, and turbulent dissipation energy on the membrane surface was computed using cfd code fluent. the simulation results indicate that the presence of baffle can improve the local shear stress on the membrane surface and produces eddy activities which enhance the filtration performance. the observed flux enhancement can be attributed to the intense fluctuations of wall velocity and shear stress which can disrupt the growth of boundary layer on the membrane surface. the experimental evaluation was performed through cross flow microfiltration of titanium dioxide suspension which showed an acceptable agreement with the cfd predictions.

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