• high-quality effluent and electricity production from non-cem based flow-through type microbial fuel cell

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     a new flow-through type microbial fuel cell (mfc) system was developed for practical application as a wastewater treatment process. the ultrafiltration mfc (uf-mfc), which has a uf membrane instead of an expensive cation exchange membrane (cem) as a separator, was designed to continuously filter the anode chamber solution to cathode chamber via uf membrane. through the uf-mfc system, high-quality effluent and electricity generation can be simultaneously achieved by the two different wastewater treatment processes applied, e.g., a biological organic pollutant removal in the anode chamber by electrochemically active bacteria and a physical filtration by uf membrane. the maximum power density of the uf-mfc was 53.5 mw/m2, lower than the power density shown by comparison with a nafion based two-chambered mfc (55.7 mw/m2). however, the uf-mfc continuously produced high-quality effluent that did not need further post-treatment processes, showing a high and stable cod removal efficiency (>90%), and high rejection rate for total coliform (>97%) and suspended solids during 20 d operation. this study confirmed that uf-mfc s could be a promising technology for both of efficient wastewater treatment and energy recovery from wastewater in future wastewater treatment plants.

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