• identification and assessment of the effective factors on values of utilitarian and hedonistic shopping in the internet business space

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    this research aims to identify the factors affecting the values of online shopping consumers. it is a practical and casual research. the study population included all individuals who have had experience at least once using online shopping. the research required data is gathered through 283 people and the partial least squares method and structural equation modeling approach is used to analyze the causal relationships of the variables of the proposed conceptual model in lisrel and smart pls software. the results showed that unlike previous studies, quality of service has no effect on the value of hedonistic and utilitarian shopping. the utilitarian and hedonistic online shopping leads to consumer satisfaction, enhances shopping intentions significantly. moreover, the results represent effect of moderating price sensitivity in relation to system quality and information quality with values utilitarian shopping and indicates the effect of moderating diversity in relation to information quality with values hedonistic shopping.

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