• a new modified approach to predict open-pit blasting uniformity index based on image analysis and regression methods; a case study

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    the main purpose of open pit mine blasting is rock fragmentation and obtaining required dimensions of rocks for ensuing operations, which ultimately leads to optimization of mining costs. in order to reach to a respectable and desirable fragmentation, establishing of an exact relationship between blasting pattern and fragmentation is compulsory, which can be expressed through uniformity index. to this end, there is not a capable and general model, which can be used for determination of uniformity index for all blasting operations. the aim of this study is to examine the efficiency of cunningham model by image analysis techniques. for this reason, in order to obtain uniformity index in jajarm bauxite mine (iran), the required data and parameters were assembled and then a huge number of images were captured from fragmented rocks to use them as an input file for the split-desktop computer program. according to these data and image analysis process, a new calibrated model generated in matlab software and a unique regression equation proposed. these two developed models compared with cunningham original model and investigated wisely. finally, the results of validation section illustrated that the uniformity index value, measured by the proposed model, has a great performance compared with image analysis technique.

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