• the quintessential categories of the author’s time and literary time

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    the author’s time is rather a complicated notion. based on his creative-esthetic conception the author creates his own literary world, i.e. the world of a literary time. hence the author’s time is always a subjective time with its inner esthetic nature within an objective literary time.  a literary time of the story is of conditional character since the world reflection is always to some extent conditional.

    the category of a literary time exists in the dynamic process. the author’s time is to be investigated, developed and completed by a variety types and functions of a literary time as an independent category, as well as in combination with a literary space. in other words, the author’s time is represented as a whole quintessential of forms, types and methods of a literary time.

    the article deals with the analysis of these theoretical views based on the historical novels. the author addresses to the past from his present time, enduring the past events, the true life and fate of the characters, transforming to the past living together with the heroes.

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