• composition, antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of the extracts of eryngium palmatum pančić and vis. (apiaceae)

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     the chemical composition, antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of eryngium palmatum, an endemic plant species from the balkan peninsula, were investigated. the flavonoids apigenin (9.5±0.3 mg g−1) and apigenin 7-o-glucoside (2.4±0.1 mg g−1) were determined in a methanol extract of aerial parts using hplc analysis. the methanol extract of roots contained catechin (5.0±0.1 mg g−1), epicatechin (2.9±0.1 mg g−1), chlorogenic acid (1.6±0.0 mg g−1), gallic acid (0.9±0.0 mg g−1) and rosmarinic acid (0.9±0.2 mg g−1). gc-fid and gcms analysis of a chloroform extract of aerial parts showed that the main volatile constituents were falcarinol, linoleic acid, hexadecanoic acid and methyl linoleate (comprising 32.6%; 24.4%; 19.9; 13.2% of the volatile fraction, respectively), while octanoic acid, tetradecanol and dodecanol dominated in the chloroform extract of the roots (34.9%; 25.8%; 22.2% of the volatile fraction, respectively). investigation of antimicrobial activity by broth microdilution showed that the methanol and chloroform extracts of aerial parts and roots exerted a significant effect (mic 3.5–15.6 μg ml−1) against tested gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. the methanol extracts of aerial parts or roots exerted moderate ferric reducing antioxidant power, dpph radical scavenging activity and hydroxyl radical scavenging activity.

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