• biochemical status of in vitro regenerated lilium bosniacum and lilium cattaniae plantlets

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     lilium cattaniae (vis.) vis. and lilium bosniacum (g. beck) beck ex fritsch, endemic species of balkan dinaric alps, were micropropagated from seeds collected from their natural habitats. the relationship between peroxidase activity, photosynthetic status and differentiation of lilium cattaniaeand l. bosniacum in vitro was investigated. peroxidase activity recorded for somatic embryos oflilium cattaniae obtained on murashige and skoog (ms) medium containing 9.05 mm 2.4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2.4-d) and 4.44 mm n6-bezyladenin (ba), was about two times higher than for any other treatment. photosynthetic status of plantlets obtained through regeneration was explant-specific and generally higher for plantlets regenerated from basal leaf explants than from bulb explants. the accumulation of anthocyanin was detected in some regenerated shoots and more often in plantlets obtained through regeneration from bulb explants. high frequency of somatic embryo formation was recorded for l. cattaniae on ms medium containing 9.05 mm 2.4-d and 4.44 mm ba. the peroxidase activity for l. bosniacum plantlets obtained through regeneration showed treatment-specific elevations. we consider that basal leaf parts are suitable for successful regeneration of these two lilies and that elevation in peroxidase activity is a good indicator of somatic embryogenesis in both lilies.

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