• investigation the cocracking of c4-cut raffinate and naphtha in industrial cracker (tabriz petrochemical co.)

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     this paper investigates the cocracking of c4-cut raffinate and naphtha in the industrial naphtha cracker. with the help of a complete reaction network, the cocracking of c4 cut raffinate and naphtha feed was investigated. the effect of c4 cut recycle in the fresh feed on product distribution, coke formation and operating run-length was obtained. the presence of higher concentration of butadiene in c4 cut affects the ethylene and propylene yields, amounts of coke formation and operating run-length.

    due to cyclization reactions of butadiene and unsaturated c4 compounds, high yields of benzene and aromatic pyrolysis gasoline are produced. due to its unsaturated character, and possible cyclization reactions, butadiene and unsaturated c4 compounds enhances coke formation in the pyrolysis process, and will therefore reduce furnace run length when cocracking at higher concentrations of unsaturated c4 compounds.

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