• effects of magnetic field on nanofluid forced convection in a partially heated microchannel

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     this paper numerically examines the laminar forced convection of a water–al2o3 nanofluid flowing through a horizontal microchannel. the middle section of the microchannel is heated with a constant and uniform heat flux. the middle section is also influenced by a transverse magnetic field with a uniform strength. the effects of pertinent parameters such as the reynolds number (0≤re≤1000), the solid volume fraction (0≤ϕ≤0.04) and the hartmann number (0≤ha≤100) on the flow and temperature fields and the heat transfer performance of the microchannel are examined against numerical predictions. the results show that the microchannel performs better heat transfers at higher values of the reynolds and hartmann numbers. for all values of the reynolds and hartmann numbers considered in this study, the average nusselt number on the middle section surface of the microchannel increases as the solid volume fraction increases. the rate of this increase is considerably more at higher values of the reynolds number and at lower values of the hartmann number.

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