• super-peer-based coordinated service provision

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     leveraging p2p technologies for web service provision attracts considerable research interests. one of the challenges is how to enable the service providers to adapt themselves in response to dynamic service demand. more specifically, one interesting research issue is coordinating the service groups in order to enable inter-group collaboration and resource sharing. in this paper, we propose a super-peer-based coordinated service provision framework (scsp), consisting of an s-labor-market model (super-peer-based labor-market model), a recruiting protocol based on a weighting mechanism, and an optimal dispatch algorithm. in the scsp, the s-labor-market model is designed to build the coordination among service groups by employing the proposed recruiting protocol. the optimal dispatch algorithm is designed to select the optimal service peers within a service group to process service requests. finally, we perform simulations to evaluate the scsp with four application scenarios. the experimental results show that our scsp is efficient in coordinating the service groups, and possess good scalability and robustness.

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