• double-pulsed growth of inn by rf-mbe

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     the initial steps of three different methods for growth of inn were investigated. for this purpose, layers of approximately 15 nm thickness were grown by applying continuous, pulsed or double-pulsed source fluxes. the surface morphologies were investigated by atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. the structural properties were investigated by reflection high- energy electron diffraction and high-resolution x-ray diffraction. for the continuous and pulsed growth methods, fine-grained structures with grain sizes of approximately 80 nm and 120 nm are observed. in contrast, the double-pulsed growth method leads to surface morphologies made of atomically flat, nearly 2-μm-sized grains. furthermore, xrd ω scans of the inn (0002) reflection show that the full-width at half-maximum (fwhm) values are smallest for this method. these results were used to develop a new growth method that enables growth of atomically flat inn surfaces without any evidence of metallic in within or on top of the layer.

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