• basics of lifestyle interventions in iran: a systematic review

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    basics of lifestyle interventions in iran: a systematic review

    this article aimed to investigate the basics of lifestyle interventions in iran: a systematic review. in order to compile articles published on the subject of iranian lifestyle intervention, the keywords lifestyle, intervention and effectiveness were first searched in the titles of the articles; at this stage, 160 articles were obtained. finally, according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 8 articles were obtained.

    this study was performed without time limit; and any persian-language research that was conducted on the subject of intervention in the iranian lifestyle was examined. it was found that all researchers agree on the effectiveness of lifestyle on physical, mental and social well-being.

    the number of interventions carried out on the iranian lifestyle was relatively large; and the interventionist approaches used in lifestyle by researchers have had little unity and integrity. the result is that various disciplines such as psychology and counseling, nursing, health and management have a focus on human lifestyle.

    the basis of the interventions can be divided into several categories. some studies had islamic principles. a number of researchers intervened in accordance with the recommendations of the world health organization. some also intervened according to non-iranian theorists such as beck, adler, and van pay.

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