• comparison of wave modeling and measurement data – case study: hendijan fishery port

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     calculating and finding of correct wave quantities in marine projects, has a substantial importance. in most cases, accessing to long-term local measurements is not possible. so in order to have a good basic design data, two different approaches are selected. the first method is based on wind data of desired region. using these data and by means of transferring methods, useful wave data will be obtained and design wave height will be in hand. although this method has been widely used in recent years, it has its own imperfectness and objection. but today, because of development in software and basic engineering studies, mathematical methods and computational modeling, as the second method, are used more widely. meanwhile, having short-term measurements data, makes the modeling calibration easier. however, regarding the difference between natural realities in each region, methods of the second group could not be used generally and sometimes they would only find an estimate of the actual wave.

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