• numerical analysis of uplift load-carrying capacity of inversely tapered piles

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     the uplift capacity of cylindrical piles has been studied by several researchers. however the effect of the taper angle on inversely tapered piles has not studied yet. in this paper, five groups of piles with different slenderness ratio have been investigated. a finite difference software as coded into flac (fast lagrangian analysis of continua) has been used for the analysis of inversely tapered piles. two types of soils with different densities are used in this investigation. also some models have been performed with two layered soils. the pile was assumed to be elastic, and the soil was modeled based on the mohr- coulomb failure criterion. to ensure the accuracy of the constructed numerical model results, the data resulted from flac analyses have been compared with those obtained from experiments. this comparison showed a very good agreement. the results show that with making the pile inversely tapered, the pile uplift capacity increases considerably, especially for piles with lower slenderness ratios. this may be a useful in practice and thus is interesting for geotechnical engineers to use inversely taper piles when uplift loads if great concern. the main conclusion of this research indicates that an inversely tapered pile offers greater capacity than a cylindrical pile of the same volume and length.

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