• geotechnical risks in sterile dumps construction at the lignite open pits from romania

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     lignite quarries produce a grate volume of sterile which is stored in exterior and interior dumps. constructing exterior sterile dumps in hilly terrain areas, across valleys and slopes, creates big stability issues because of the inappropriate arrangement of the foundation, the water presence in and under the dump, the nature of the rocks. the presence of a mixture of sandy-argillaceous or dusty rocks, with variable humidity, in the dumps lead to plastic cession phenomena and to plastic surface slides or to regressive or progressive depth slides, with unfavorable effects on the area objectives (public or private proprieties, constructions, communicating systems etc.). in this paper are presented the causes and the producing mechanism of these landslides, the unfavorable effects and the possibilities of their elimination through projecting and executing the construction and arrangement works of sterile dumps.

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