• estimation of deflection amplification factor for concrete structures with capacity spectrum method

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     one of the important aims in suitable seismic design of structures is estimating non-liners real lateral displacement induced by severe earthquake. in seismic damage provisions, the maximum story drift occurring in major earthquakes is estimated by amplifying the drifts computed from an elastic analysis at the prescribed design seismic force level with a deflection amplification factor. accordingly, it’s necessary to consider to deflection amplification factor in concrete structures. the aim of this research is to estimate the deflection amplification factor in the structures having resistant system against the lateral load of concrete bending frame with middle ductility. in this paper, by usage of the capacity spectrum method (atc-40) for five reinforced concrete structural models (2, 4, 6, 10, 15 stories) with 3 meters height in each story and ordered plan, the deflection amplification factor is determined. finally, the results of this method are compared with results of the other methods and regulations.

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