• application of discharge distribution equations in flood events

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     when the flows in natural or man made channel sections exceed the main channel depth, the adjacent floodplains become inundated and carry part of the river discharge. due to different hydraulic conditions existing in main channel and floodplain of a river, the mean velocity in the main channel and in the floodplain are different. this leads to the transfer of momentum between the main channel water and that of the floodplain making the flow structure more complex. reliable estimates of discharge capacity in main channels are essential for the design, operation and maintenance of flood protection measures such as dykes of a floody river.. in this study, knight and demetriou (1983) and patra and khatua (2007) relationships are used to compute flow discharge distribution in main channel and floodplains of three river compound channels. the results show that knight and demetriou equation (1983) has better estimates for discharge distributions in selected rivers.

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