• analysis of dilute solid–liquid suspensions in turbulent stirred tanks

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     in this work, dilute suspensions of solid particles in stirred tanks are investigated by particle image velocimetry measurements, which were specifically designed to determine the effects of the dispersed phase on mean velocity and turbulence levels of the continuous phase and the local solid–liquid slip velocity. in order to determine the effect of particle size and concentration, glass particles of narrow size distribution were selected; the particle content was increased stepwise up the maximum of 0.2 vol.%. overall, moderate dampening of liquid turbulent fluctuations was found with the smaller particles, while turbulence enhancement was observed with the bigger ones. continuous phase turbulence was found to affect the local map of the particle settling velocity, which was also discussed on the basis of a force balance analysis. the reduction of particle settling velocity due to free stream turbulence under specific conditions is confirmed.

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