• supply and target based superstructure synthesis of heat and mass exchanger networks

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    this paper presents new methods for the optimisation of superstructures involving heat exchanger networks (hens) and mass exchanger networks (mens). the techniques developed in this study explore the use of key variables (namely supply temperatures/compositions and target temperatures/compositions) in hens and mens to define the intervals of superstructures. such superstructures are modeled as mixed integer non linear programmes (minlp) with the objective of minimisation of the total annual cost (tac) for each network. the superstructures presented in this paper are derivatives of the interval and supply based superstructures (ibms and sbs) developed previously. two different superstructures are developed in this paper: the first uses the supply temperature/composition of hot/rich streams and the target temperature/composition of cold/lean streams (denoted supply and target based superstructure, s&tbs), while the second superstructure uses the target temperature/composition of hot/rich streams and the supply temperature of cold/lean streams (denoted target and supply based superstructure, t&sbs). five hen examples and three men examples are presented. the results obtained compare well with those in the literature.

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