• extremum-seeking algorithm design for fed-batch cultures of microorganisms with overflow metabolism

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     overflow metabolism characterizes cell strains that are likely to produce inhibiting metabolites as a result of an excess of substrate feeding and a saturated respiratory capacity. in this study, extremum seeking is used to assess the actual critical substrate level, which is a function of the cell respiratory capacity. the latter is modelled as a function representing the existence of two different metabolic modes, namely the respirative mode and the respiro-fermentative mode, as well as modulation factors taking account of inhibiting metabolites. a model-free approach is taken due to the high uncertainty in modelling bioprocesses, and two alternative gradient estimation procedures are considered and compared, e.g., a bank of filters and a recursive least-squares formulation. the rls technique is simple to implement and provides quite satisfactory results in the presence of model uncertainties and measurement noise.

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