• meso-mechanical constitutive model for ratchetting of particle-reinforced metal matrix composites

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     based on the eshelby equivalent inclusion theory and mori–tanaka averaging method, a meso-mechanical cyclic elasto-plastic constitutive model is proposed to predict the ratchetting of particle-reinforced metal matrix composites. in the proposed model, a hill-typed incremental formulation is used to simulate the elasto-plastic responses of the composites during cyclic loading with assumptions of elastic particle, elasto-plastic metal matrix and perfect interfacial bond between metal matrix and particles. a new nonlinear kinematic hardening rule extended from the ohno–abdel-karim model [m. abdel-karim, n. ohno, kinematic hardening model suitable for ratchetting with steady-state, int. j. plasticity 16 (2000) 225–240] is employed to describe the ratchetting of metal matrix which dominates the ratchetting of the composites. with further assumption of spherical particles, the proposed meso-mechanical cyclic constitutive model is verified by comparing the predicted uniaxial ratchetting of sicp/6061al composites with corresponding experiments obtained at room temperature [g.z. kang, uniaxial time-dependent ratchetting of sicp/6061al alloy composites at room and high temperature, comp. sci. tech. 66 (2006) 1418–1430]. in the meantime, the effects of different tangent operators employed in the numerical implementation of the proposed model, i.e., continuum (or elasto-plastic) tangent operator cep and algorithmic (or consistent) one calg, on the predicted ratchetting are also discussed. it is concluded that the proposed model predicts the uniaxial ratchetting of sicp/6061al composites at room temperature reasonably.

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