• selection of the robust streamflow forecasting model using wavelet-entropy complexity criterion

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     as one of the most important hydrological processes, runoff modeling is highly dominant in accurate study of a watershed. many models are yet being developed in order to define such a complex process, therefore using a measure to scope relative complexity of a watershed results in choosing more appropriate model related to its characteristics. in this study, the runoff process of five different watersheds, which are different in land use, population growth and complexity, are modeled. in order to consider relative complexities, wavelet-entropy measure is introduced as a new complexity measurement tool. it is deduced that only in areas with higher complexity levels, complex modeling structures are needed (such as ann and wann) and in those with respective lower wavelet-entropy measure, auto-regressive models (such as arima and arimax) can be consumed efficiently, therefore using complex models are not necessary.

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