• mathematicalmodeling of activated sludge process for control of wastewater treatment plant

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     mathematical modeling of activated sludge systems have gained increasing attention in wastewater treatment within the last years. in this work the problem of over-parameterization in complex models describing the activated sludge process has been approached. existing complex models of system dynamics do not have a unique set of parameters which can explain certain behavior, that is, the models are not identifiable. an attempt has been made to develop reduced order models with a smaller number of states and parameters, which are capable of adequately describing the major dynamical behavior of both the carbonaceous and nitrogenous activities of the process. still, the mechanistic structure of the modeled reactions has been retained when possible. furthermore, the lack of available on-line sensors emphasizes the need for a more realistic complexity of models for operational purposes. the opportunities for further applications of the plant model are discussed.

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