• a mixture theory analysis for the surface-wave propagation in an unsaturated porous medium

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     the mixture theory is employed to the analysis of surface-wave propagation in a porous medium saturated by two compressible and viscous fluids (liquid and gas). a linear isothermal dynamic model is implemented which takes into account the interaction between the pore fluids and the solid phase of the porous material through viscous dissipation. in such unsaturated cases, the dispersion equations of rayleigh and love waves are derived respectively. two situations for the love waves are discussed in detail: (a) an elastic layer lying over an unsaturated porous half-space and (b) an unsaturated porous layer lying over an elastic half-space. the wave analysis indicates that, to the three compressional waves discovered in the unsaturated porous medium, there also correspond three rayleigh wave modes (r1, r2, and r3 waves) propagating along its free surface. the numerical results demonstrate a significant dependence of wave velocities and attenuation coefficients of the rayleigh and love waves on the saturation degree, excitation frequency and intrinsic permeability. the cut-off frequency of the high order mode of love waves is also found to be dependent on the saturation degree.

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