• finite fault simulation of strong ground motion, for the 2013, saravan-iran earthqukae

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    the strong ground motion records of passed earthquakes are usefull sources in planning strong structures. in many parts of the world these records don’t exist, or are less. without real records, ground motion modelings would be necessary. in this study we use accelegram data of 2013 saravan earthquake, recorded in 33 stations (bhrc) in the position of 25-29 north latitudes and of 57-63 east longitudes. we use this data to model the ground motion and characterize source parameters and rupture propagation. by modeling the fault, northeast to southwest rupture propagation would be observed, also the strike and dip of the fault are estimated, 200 and 35 respectively. the epi-center locates in the position of 28/2 north latitudes and 62/1 east longitudes in the depth of 48 km. the stree drop is estimated to be 70 bars. with calculating simulated peak ground motion and without interfering the site effects, the best agreement with attenuation patterns are observed.

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