• seismic evaluation of precast concrete building with large panel

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     precast concrete buildings with large panels, because of the speed of the construction and economic benefits are currently popular in the residential and commercial international construction markets. horizontal and vertical connections are very important in these buildings and require special attention. also, these connections are various and have the different response in an earthquake. however to understand the seismic behavior of the building versus input earthquake calculation demand parameter such as maximum inter storey drift and distribution of shear story is necessary. in this study, seismic evaluation of prefabricated large panel buildings was undertaken. the research method is based on results from nonlinear dynamic analyses of the 3d model implemented with opensees software to achieve this goal; prefabricated concrete large panel systems with different connection in 8 and 12 stories were designed. interstory drift and distribution of the shear story in these buildings have been compared. at the end different risk levels have been studied. results show that in taller construction with precast panel, it is better to use emulated joints.

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