• an analysis on the situation of poverty in mahabad city by emphasis on the economic dimension

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     the problem of poverty is not only one of the most important issues in the world, but also is one of the main internal issues and problems of all societies whether rich or poor. according to statistics provided, poor asia, africa and latin america societies that they are about 60 percentage of world population have gained only about 12 percent of world income. but, it should be noted that the problem of poverty is in rich countries either as a form of main social and economic problem. considering the poverty and poverty alleviation was a global issue that was covered iran likewise. many scientists had thought that the performance of economic programs effects on low-income groups and increase the poverty. hence, we are going to study the problem of poverty in mahabad city and its effect on city and urban management and necessary strategies is to be mentioned in this context in the article. the method of this article is descriptive – perspective and based-on documentary studies and library and surveys (survey) in the city of mahabad. the results show according to analysis of questionnaire that many residents of mahabad city are classes of the poor economic situation. unemployment in the city, limited capacity of production, the weakness of economic foundations of city have caused unbalanced distribution of resources and increasing the poverty in mahabad and finally they have increased social inequalities in this city.

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