• novel graphene/polyaniline nanocomposites and its photocatalytic activity toward the degradation of rose bengal dye

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    the polyaniline/graphene (pani–gr) nanocomposites were prepared by the polymerization of aniline monomer with graphene (gr) under in situ condition. the nanocomposites were utilized as the effective photocatalyst towards the photocatalytic degradation of rose bengal (rb) dye. the uniformity and the miscibility of pani nanomaterials were improved with the increase of gr contents which formed the advanced pani–gr nanocomposites. the absorption properties revealed the presence of gr in pani–gr nanocomposites with significant interaction/bonding between pani and gr. the pani–gr nanocomposites possessed the partial hydrogen bonding between imine (single bondnh) of pani and the carboxylic group on the surface of gr sheets. the prepared pani–gr nanocomposites delivered a significant degradation of rb dye by ∼56% within 3 h under light illumination. as compared to pani, the considerable degradation of rb dye was attributed to the presence of gr sheets in pani–gr nanocomposites which might resulted the high photogenerated electron–hole pairs charge separation under light illumination.

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