• self-activation and effect of regeneration conditions in co2–carbonate looping with cao–ca12al14o33 sorbent

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     co2 capture by solid sorbents through uptake–regeneration cycling is a promising option for high temperature removal of co2 from combustion gases and synthesis/fuel gases. the present study investigates the influence of regeneration atmosphere and temperature on the co2 uptake capacity during repeated cycling of cao-based solid sorbents. the sorbents were synthesised to contain 75 and 85% w/w of active phase (cao) and binder (ca12al14o33) and were then subjected to cycling tests with repeated co2 uptake and release in a thermogravimetric analyser tga for up to 200 cycles. test conditions were chosen to test high temperature co2 capture at 600 °c in an atmosphere containing 14 and 25% v/v co2 (n2 balance). three different regeneration conditions were tested:

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