• a rapid synthesis route for sn-beta zeolites by steam-assisted conversion and their catalytic performance in baeyer–villiger oxidation

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     sn-beta zeolites were prepared by a rapid and clean steam-assisted conversion (sac) method from dry stannosilicate gel. the amorphous gel was converted to highly crystalline sn-beta within 5 h at mild reaction temperature of 453 k. the properties of the as-prepared samples were characterized by xrd, sem, ft-ir, uv–vis, uv-raman, icp and n2 adsorption. a high gel conversion to bea can be obtained with sn4+ inserted in the zeolite framework. the sac method was successfully used to produce pure silica beta zeolite (si/sn = ∞) to sn-beta zeolite with 3.8 wt.% sno2 (i.e., si/sn = 83). the sn-beta prepared by sac method is an efficient catalyst for baeyer–villiger (b–v) reaction of cyclohexanone to ε-caprolactone.

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