• soa-based precision irrigation decision support system

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     at present, irrigation decision-making systems applied to the field of agriculture were mostly aimed at a given area and specific crops. it was difficult to be applied in different areas and different crops. in this paper, a precision irrigation decision-making system has done something to solve this problem. the paper, on the one hand, has synthesized multi-areas and multi-crops in one decision; on the other hand, the key was that it used an advanced design idea, which quickly builds a system by using soa architecture and fully meets different needs of users based on the maximum reuse of services. the paper arranges services in bpm. first of all, user programmed areas, crop types and the water supply. secondly, the system selects optimum services from the bpm based on different inputs, and then quickly builds a suitable model. moreover, it gave precise guidance for crop irrigation processes. the precision irrigation decision support system provides an on-demand decision-making model for agricultural production. applied results show that, through the test on xiao tangshan winter wheat, da xing vegetables and rice in central china, the system can quickly build a decision-making model to meet the needs of irrigation for different users. in addition, it shows a good reflection and wide use.

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