• coupled engineering and chemical approach to the design of a catalytic structured reactor for combustion of vocs: cobalt oxide catalyst on knitted wire gauzes

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     a structured reactor was built from stacked catalytic knitted wire gauzes. the cobalt oxide catalyst was deposited on the wire gauze surface using the plasma enhanced metal-organic chemical vapour deposition method. the raman scattering, electron diffraction and photoelectron emission analyses of the catalyst surface evidenced the formation of a cobalt oxide spinel with crystallites of about 5 nm. the results of kinetic studies of voc combustion (using n-hexane as a probe molecule) performed in a gradientless reactor allowed determining the reaction order and activation energy for this catalytic reaction. it has been proved that reaction follows first order kinetics. two reactor models (plug-flow and plug-dispersion) were compared and the simpler plug-flow one is recommended due to the negligible influence of axial dispersion. experiments were performed in a large laboratory reactor (temperature up to 873 k, gas stream up to 10 m3/h stp) for catalytic conversion of vocs (n-hexane). the model validation has shown satisfactory accuracy with maximum and average errors of 12% and 4%, respectively.

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