• lead and zinc removal from aqueous solutions by aminotriphosphonate-modified converted natural phosphates

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     apatite particles prepared from natural phosphate rock and grafted with nitrilotris(methylene)triphosphonate (ntp) were evaluated for pb2+ and zn2+ sorption from aqueous solutions. sorption capacities as high as 640 mg g−1 and 300 mg g−1 could be obtained for the highest organic content (10 wt.%). analysis of the sorption isotherms using langmuir, freundlich and dubinin–kaganer–radushkevich models revealed that pb2+ ions have a larger affinity for apatite (sorption energy ≈ 8 kj mol−1) than for ntp so that organo-modified surfaces led to a heterogenous adsorption process. in contrast, zn2+ interacts weakly (sorption energy ≈ 1 kj mol−1) and similarly with the mineral surface and the organic moieties following a homogenous sorption process. such an association of organic metal ligands with reactive apatite surfaces within porous materials appears as a promising strategy to obtain efficient adsorbents at low cost and limited environmental impact.

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