• controllable analog emulator for power system analysis

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     this paper details the development of a controllable analog emulator for power system analysis. the emulator consists of reconfigurable analog hardware for power system emulation and a digital computer, along with associated software, for configuration, control, calibration and data acquisition. the analog hardware is fully controllable via the software interface. system parameters, initial conditions, integration, faults and contingencies can be created or altered via the software with no changes or manual intervention to the analog hardware. this advance overcomes one of the larger drawbacks of older analog computers, which was the need for manual configuration and calibration. the emulation methodology is presented in this paper as well as power system modeling, both theoretical and in analog hardware. the software interface and control is also presented. to validate the operation of the emulator two examples are shown from a prototype emulator. the first being a steady state power flow solution, the second computes the critical clearing time of a generator fault for transient stability.

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