• multi-mode of vortex-induced vibration of a flexible circular cylinder

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     the vortex-induced vibration of a flexible circular cylinder is investigated at a constant reynolds number of 1 000. the finite-volume method on moving meshes is applied for the fluid flow, and the euler-bernoulli beam theory is used to model the dynamic response of a flexible cylinder. the relationship between the reduced velocity and the amplitude response agrees well with the experimental results. moreover, five different vibrating modes appear in the simulation. from the comparisons of their vortex structures, the strength of the wake flow is related to the exciting vibrating mode and different vortex patterns arise for different vibrating modes. only 2p pattern appears in the first vibrating mode while 2s-2p patterns occur in the other vibrating modes if monitoring at different sections along the length of the cylinder. the vibration of the flexible cylinder can also greatly alter the three-dimensionality in the wake, which needs further studies in our future work, especially in the transition region for the reynolds number from 170 to 300.

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