• bem-fem technique for dynamic analysis of flexible circular foundations on a transversely isotropic half-space

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    dynamic interaction of foundations with the underlying soil medium is one of the important factors that should be considered when designing a structure’s foundation. in this study, harmonic response of a flexible circular foundation which is bonded to the surface of a transversely isotropic half-space is investigated in detail. to achieve this end, first a 3d finite element program has been developed, which is capable of handling problems in elasticity in frequency domain. next, the fundamental solutions of the half-space have been utilized in order to prepare a boundary element code that has the ability to solve traction/displacement boundary value problems of transversely isotropic half-spaces. finally, we use the stiffness, mass and influence coefficient matrices in a direct fem/bem coupling scheme to obtain the foundation response. the programs for this study have been all written in matlab. at the end, the results are verified for the case of a rigid foundation located on an isotropic half-space. moreover, several graphs are presented for different values of foundation flexibility. the effect of the degree of anisotropy of transverse isotropic halfspace on the foundation response was also investigated. these results can be used in design of such foundations.

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