• analytic heat and mass transfer of the mixed hydrodynamic/thermal slip mhd viscous flow over a stretching sheet

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    in this paper, the heat and mass transfer characteristics of the magnetohydrodynamic (mhd) viscous flow over a permeable stretching surface is solved analytically. the flow considered is under both the hydrodynamic and thermal slip conditions. the magnetohydrodynamic flow and heat transfer of an electrically conducting fluid, taking into account the effects of joule and viscous dissipation, internal heat generation/absorption, work done due to deformation and thermal radiation is studied. the solution is expressed in a closed form equation and is an exact solution of the full governing navier–stokes and energy equations. thermal transport is analyzed for two types of non-isothermal boundary conditions, i.e. prescribed surface temperature (pst) and prescribed surface heat flux (phf) varying as a power of the distance from the origin. results for some special cases of the present analysis are in excellent agreement with those existing in the literature. the effects of various physical parameters, such as magnetic parameter, thermal radiation parameter, heat source/sink parameter, prandtl number, eckert number and suction/injection parameter on the velocity and temperature profiles, skin friction coefficient and nusselt number are examined and discussed in detail. results show that there is only one physical solution for any combination of the slip together with all the parameters. the velocity/shear stress profiles and the temperature/heat transfer profiles are greatly influenced by these parameters.

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