• automatic decision-making and reliability in robotic systems: some implications in the case of robot weapons

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     in this article, i shall examine some of the issues and questions involved in the technology of autonomous robots, a technology that has developed greatly and is advancing rapidly. i shall do so with reference to a particularly critical field: autonomous military robotic systems. in recent times, various issues concerning the ethical implications of these systems have been the object of increasing attention from roboticists, philosophers and legal experts. the purpose of this paper is not to deal with these issues, but to show how the autonomy of those robotic systems, by which i mean the full automation of their decision processes, raises difficulties and also paradoxes that are not easy to solve. this is especially so when considering the autonomy of those robotic systems in their decision processes alongside their reliability. finally, i would like to show how difficult it is to respond to these difficulties and paradoxes by calling into play a strong formulation of the precautionary principle.

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