• monkey saddle grid-shell: construction methods

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    the particularity of the grid-shells (shells with removed material to create a grid of members following various directions) is that they are not erected in their final shape. the structure is first assembled as a two dimension grid mat on the ground and then during the construction process the supports are pushed to form the desired shape. surfaces with more than one curvature are the most suitable choices of geometry for shell structures, since only tension or compression stresses are created in the thickness of the shell, among these, monkey saddle surface (a triple curved minimal surface) is this paper’s matter of interest. surfaces with two or three curvatures can be constructed with one of the grid-shell construction methods (upward or downward method), when each group of the parallel grid members follow one of the mean curvatures. in the monkey saddle grid shell, each of the three groups of grid members follow one of its triple curvatures, only once among the infinite directions possible. not following the curvatures, the grid-lines cannot be straight elements anymore. so the grid members should be curved elements before bending or they should endure torsional stresses. both solutions make the construction process complicated. the aim of this study is to make the monkey saddle grid-shell constructible, thus four methods of construction are proposed and compared with each other, methodically and financially. the grid members are modeled in grasshopper and the possible errors, each method might have, are extracted through the software’s calculations.

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