• performance of scc interior beam-column connections in lateral forces

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    the present research is aimed at the analytical and experimental study of the effect of the application of self-consolidating concrete (scc) in interior beam-column connections under different conditions. for the experimental study, three full-scale scc interior beam-column connections with different axial loads (0, 7.5, and 15% of the column axial capacity) and a vibrated normal concrete (nc) specimen with an axial load equal to 15% of the column axial capacity were subjected to lateral loading. the experiments were first studied and their results were then used for the calibration of the model parameters in abaqus software. in the analytical study, the effect of parameters such as high axial load, amount of confinement, the ratio of the flexural strength of the beam to that of the column, and joint aspect ratio on the behavior of the connection was examined. due to the relative weakness of self-consolidating concrete in shear, thought of as a consequential parameter in the behavior of the connection, the behavior of scc connection is slightly different to its nc counterpart.

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