• identify ways to reduce student stress in virtual teaching

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    identify ways to reduce student stress in virtual teaching

    in today's world, not all students attend face-to-face schools, many of them easily turn on their computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone and attend an online classroom; on the other hand, due to the current situation (corona), virtual education has become universal. virtual classes make it possible to learn and study in all areas, even in rural areas and communities without schools and universities. however, these classes also face important challenges; in fact, the virtual nature of the classroom may cause some students to feel insecure about the classroom or to be unable to communicate with the teacher, ultimately causing them stress and anxiety. therefore, in the present study, we intend to examine and identify ways to reduce students' stress in cyberspace with the library method . finally, in this article, we came to the conclusion that by eliminating the factors that aggravate stress in students according to the available methods, they can be interested in virtual education.

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