• application of astigmatism μ-ptv to analyze the vortex structure of ac electroosmotic flows

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     the three-dimensional (3d) flow due to ac electroosmotic (aceo) forcing on an array of interdigitated symmetric electrodes in micro-channels is experimentally analyzed using astigmatism micro-particle tracking velocimetry (astigmatism μ-ptv). upon application of the ac electric field with a frequency of 1,000 hz and a voltage of 2 volts peak–peak, the obtained 3d particle trajectories exhibit a vortical structure of aceo flow above the electrodes. two alternating time delays (0.03 and 0.37 s) were used to measure the flow field with a wide range of velocities, including error analysis. presence and properties of the vortical flow were quantified. the steady nature and the quasi-2d character of the vortices can combine the results from a series of measurements into one dense data set. this facilitates accurate evaluation of the velocity field by data-processing methods. the primary circulation of the vortices due to aceo forcing is given in terms of the spanwise component of vorticity. the outline of the vortex boundary is determined via the eigenvalues of the strain-rate tensor. overall, astigmatism μ-ptv is proven to be a reliable tool for quantitative analysis of aceo flow.

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