• methionine and methionine sulfoxide alter parameters of oxidative stress in the liver of young rats: in vitro and in vivo studies

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     it has been shown that elevation of plasma methionine (met) and its metabolites may occur in several genetic abnormalities. in this study we investigated the in vitro and in vivo effects of the met and methionine sulfoxide (meto) on oxidative stress parameters in the liver of rats. for in vitro studies, liver homogenates were incubated with met, meto, and mix (met + meto). for in vivo studies, the animals were divided into groups: saline, met 0.4 g/kg, meto 0.1 g/kg, and met 0.4 g/kg + meto 0.1 g/kg. the animals were euthanized 1 and 3 h after injection. in vitro results showed that met 1 and 2 mm and mix increased catalase (cat) activity. superoxide dismutase (sod) was enhanced by met 1 and 2 mm, meto 0.5 mm, and mix. dichlorofluorescein oxidation was increased by met 1 mm and mix. in vivo results showed that met, meto, and mix decreased tbars levels at 1 h. total thiol content decreased 1 h after and increased 3 h after meto and met plus meto administrations. carbonyl content was enhanced by met and was reduced by meto 1 h after administration. met, meto and met plus meto decreased cat activity 1 and 3 h after administration. furthermore, only meto increased sod activity. in addition, met, meto, and mix decreased dichlorofluorescein oxidation at 1 and 3 h. our data indicate that met/meto in vivo and in vitro modify liver homeostasis by altering the redox cellular state. however, the hepatic changes caused by these compounds suggest a short-time adaptation of this tissue.

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