• study of the effect operational parameters on the supercritical extraction efficient related to sunflower oil seeds

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    super critical extraction is a new method for separation of efficient processes and effective method for extracting a necessary foundation of solid or liquid material are suitable purity. seed sunflower seed oil is the second one year after soy which is cultivated for its oil on the world. in this study, sunflower seed oil is extracted by liquid carbon dioxide in super critical conditions. effects of temperature, pressure and grain size in the rate of extraction efficiency were the change in particle size among other parameters extraction efficiency. because they have a role and the smaller the size, the efficiency is higher.

    results proves is that temperature changes and pressure changes in comparison with particle size in the process of extraction efficiency was less effect because of reduced grain size increased 75 percent extraction efficiency. while the temperature increase of 16 percent and increasing pressure about 5 percent increase in extraction efficiency was observed.

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