• using optimization methods to reduce traffic in urban areas with bing map service

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    in this paper, car sharing is introduced as a new method for traffic optimization. car sharing system is a new subject, which is studied in several recent researches. this method finds the best pathway between drivers and passengers by employing controled optimization techniques. the optimized path results in less traffic jam, more people using a vehicle, and finally cheaper and cleaner transportaion for everyone. car sharing’s main target is to reduce single-seating vehicles as much as possible. that being said, this method tries to oprimize the pathways to find the closest and the most number of passengers for each driver. eventhough this method is proven very useful worldwide, there has been limited numbers of researchers in iran studying its reuirement and employment methods inside the country. so, here, car sharing method is discussed by utilizing optimization algorithm within cloud services such as bing map. this paper demonstrates how to use such a cloud service to solve car sharing problems. by using this optimizd system, drivers will provide transportation for more numbers of passengers with much shorter trips.

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