• check prostitution causality

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    today, prostitution as a social issue in most societies has become an important social and cultural concern, which unfortunately is present in all societies with severity and weakness. findings show that the social status of the family, the religious tendencies of the parents, the existence of addiction in the family, the social and moral deviations of the parents or one of the family members, the intimate relationships of the parents with the children, the intimate relationships of the parents with each other, observing the sexual relations of the parents, kind of care , the remarriage of parents has a significant difference, which means that there is a relationship between the above variables and prostitution. also, the family size variable in this study did not show any significant difference between the two groups. social scholars in most societies encounter it as a problem. today, this phenomenon is particularly acute in our country, such as the problem of marriage of boys, and the pursuit of such an increase in the age of marriage, fledgling girls, abandoned women, economic poverty, youthfulness of the population, diminution of values religious ethics, immigration to cities, addiction and dozens of others, this issue has gradually faced social and moral health with a very serious threat. prostitution, prostitution, or prostitution are income-related sexual intercourse. the legal status of prostitution in different countries varies from the death penalty to legal work.

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